D900+ LED downlight

Long-life lighting that changes with the times

A key problem with long-life, high-quality LED lighting is a lack of versatility. Lighting designers, architects and property owners have to opt for restrictive lighting solutions, and consumers can be stuck with the same lighting style for the light’s entire lifetime, which can be up to 30 years.

Under the guise of Brightgreen, Spring developed the cutting-edge D900+ LED downlight, complete with an interchangeable fascia system that allows the look and beam angle to be changed at any point to prevent it from becoming obsolescent.

The D900+ is the first downlight to offer this versatility. As a result, it has been celebrated with a Good design Award and adopted by trailblazing local and international designers, with product requests coming from Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Kenya, Chile, Scotland and Hong Kong.

Image credited to: Three Parts House by Architects EAT, Photography by Earl Carter / James Coombe


  • Sydney Design Award 2014: Design for Industry
  • Good Design Award 2014: Lighting

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