Palate Fine Foods

Delicious sous vide food delivered to Melbourne's doorsteps

Busier lives, bigger health concerns and smaller kitchens are all affecting how and what we eat. In addition, we are increasingly on the lookout for new culinary experiences – intense flavours and surprising ingredients. Through research, Spring cited sous vide slow cooking as a keystone to combining flavour, nutrition and convenience.

Working together with Michelin trained chefs Phoebe Papadimitriou and Xavier Tocco, the team developed Palate – a premium chilled food delivery service that is supported by a flavour-pairing app. Palate specialises in high quality ingredients, expertly curated ­flavour combinations and sous-vide cooking, letting customers enjoy up to 10 hours of slow-cooked perfection that can be heated in only 15 minutes.

The service has taken off across Melbourne, introducing locals to the benefits of sous vide slow cooking. Palate encourages consumers to broaden their own palates by trying new things, without the hassle of sourcing ingredients, investing in complex equipment or waiting for long cook times.


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